Dubenec č.p. 1
544 55 Dubenec

tel.: 604 274 008,
        603 257 405



Wellness policy

1. Entering wellness is possible only after checking at the reception desk, where you also receive keys and basic information about usage.

2. Usage of wellness is at your own risk.

3. Due to hygienic legislative are not allowed children in the age younger than 3 years.

4. Guest is responsible under the valid rules for any damage to the wellness caused by him/her.

5. Operator of the wellness can refuse the entrance for remove from wellness those customers who do not follow the wellness privacy or behave badly.

6. Each person spotting any damage to the equipment of the wellness is responsible to report it to the staff.

7. In case of injury, please inform the staff of the Guest House.

8. Alcohol, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances are not allowed in the wellness; further glass, glass products or any other dangerous items.

9. No smoking is allowed within wellness. Consumption of own meals and drinks is also prohibited.

10. No animals are allowed in wellness.

11. The wellness operator cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of valuables.