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Main vicarage building is dated back to second half of 18.century. By Reverend Stephan Pep, Soc.Jesu on the day 25. of June 1756 the cornerstone was laid for building of new vicarage in Dubenec. The cornerstone can be found in the corner of the vicarage church. Important year for the building is 1866, when during the war between Austria and Prussia was the vicarage used as the headquater of Austria army. Due to this, prince Leopold and price William were accommodated here, further commander – in – chief of Austria army, artillery chief  Louis von Benedek and other generals. Vicarage, church and barns were overcrowded with soldiers. According to historians, the Dubenec fields were supposed to become a battlefield but due to austrian commanders fault the battle never took place here. 1 of July 1866 Prussian army invaded Dubenec and Austrians fled.

In difficult years during World Wars gave vicars moral support to Dubenec citizens. During WW1 lived here vicar Alexander Jares, during WW2 then dean and vicar Josef Pich

In the year 1947 vicar Bernard Toman moved in, together with his parents and sister Anna Bohuslava.  Even though Anna was ill herself, she had exceptional skills to overtake diseases from other people For her healing ability she was visited by patients from the whole country. Toman familiy lived here for ten years. Plaque of A.B.Tomanova can be seen in vicarage building entrance

In the year 1989 was vicarage building given for use of bishop  high school in Hradec Kralove and during holidays occupied by students. Even these activity ended and vicarage building with surrounded outbuildings were left to decay.

In the year 2007 Paclík company bought all objects with purpose of reconstruction  and conversion to the Guest House. Main target was to save cultural heritage from total destruction. Project preparations started in 2008 with the name „renewal of the area of vicarage building Dubenec“, which is partially subsidised by European Union. In March 2012 under the supervision of conservationists started reconstruction, which ended in April 2013 Main vicarage building was rebuilt into Guest House, in the objects of cowsheds, carriage house, horse stables and barn can be in present days found restaurant, lounge, wellness and social hall. Operation of the Guest House started 1. Of May 2013

We trully believe that visiting our Guest House will bring you an unforgettable experience